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Nanny entrusted care employer daughter four years for its treatm

The day before yesterday ,Hunan Children ward, Chen Shuifeng. Give up (a pseudonym ) clothes ,while helping direct blowing balloon .Map / reporter Hua Jian 4years ago,the employer gives the daughter nanny Chen Feng Shui care ,after working for girls ;cure ,Chen Feng Shui to spend their savings, also borrowing 30000 yuan,4 years later,Chen Shuifeng was unable to continue to pay the girl she is persuaded the child away, but she thought in ,but the feeling Tian Tian (a pseudonym ) parents are getting divorced ,father write a power of attorney ,will be up to the nanny Chen Feng Shui ,went to the field work, thereafter ,Tian Tian has been made by Chen Shuifeng with ,this is 4 years.
Because the body is frail, Tian Tian is often ill .In recent years, Chen Shuifeng took up around it ,spent 70000 multivariatemoney of provide for the aged ,also borrow 30000 yuan.Many people will persuade Chen Shuifeng Da Ta out ,but she thinks although and Tian Tian no blood ,but the feelings, and who can heal up ,I am willing to give him free for 10 years .
Reporter Yang Lu reported in Changsha origin certificate of entrustment ,a new full moon Chen Shuifeng is a domestic service ,Yongzhou in Xintian County ,this year 55 years old .In July 15, 2007, is a busy she suddenly heard a knock at the door .
Open the door to look ,a man is holding a child was standing at the door . Help me with a daughter .The man said .After some conversation ,Chen Feng Shui learned man named Tian Yaping, a daughter ,was born 1months,because the and his wife divorce, Tian Yaping is going to Guangdong work, listen to people say that Chen Shuifeng took the children with good, preparation gives the daughter Chen Shuifeng .
A little consideration, Chen Shuifeng promised .Tian Yaping immediately wrote a Book :I entrust Ms. Chen Shuifeng took my daughter lady ,and the promise of a monthly wage of 400 yuan to Chen Shuifeng .
That day ,Chen Shuifeng Tian Yaping took over from the field ,the area is 4 years. Prior to 2 years ,christian louboutin shoes,in addition to his father didn send me a few times the wage, everything is fine .Chen Shuifeng, Tada, don Moreover ,she thinks ,wait until the end of the year ,Da Ara will come back .
Have spent all of their savings ,and borrowed 30000 yuanin the blink of an eye, a field at the age of 2 ,Chen Shuifeng was sent to the kindergarten .Before long ,have a fever ,cough up again .
Sent to the hospital for a check up ,suffered from bronchial pneumonia .It was 2009 November,since then, up most of the time ,are in a hospital bed spent . Repeated disease ,repeated treatment ,but is not cure .
Chen Shuifeng took out a bag ,the bag stack Hospital printing bills ,basically is to give Tada Ji spending bill .From Yongzhou Xintian County Maternal and child health hospital ,children to the Hunan Children ,a total cost of about 100000 yuan .
And Chen Shuifeng said ,12 years as anurse ,they save money on food and expenses to save 70000 yuanpension costs ,have been used in the field .In March of this year, she and the other to borrow 35000 yuan to Tada Ji ,now there is not much left .
Affiliated Hunan Children family physician Yang Ting said ,on June 22nd, Tada Ji was admitted to the hospital due to bronchial pneumonia ,in fact, Tiantian disease itself is not important ,but because of a long illness, and poor nutrition ,low resistance ,Tiantian physical condition is not good .
Moved up to say the first word was grandma these years ,many people have advised Chen Shuifeng ,said that the child is not you, the body is not good, it away .She said ,with 4 years,blood is not in but the feeling .
She is very smart ,10 months willwalk .Chen Shuifeng said that, on that day, she gave Tada a dinner, is going to wash the dishes, back only to find 10 month old lady pushing home small stool, wobbly approaching.
On the field ,Chen Shuifeng is meticulous .Tada Takayagi does not return to sleep ice ,Chen Shuifeng also wrapped up with sleep ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,very cold ,but the need with grandma .Later, Da Tayagi drew ,Chen Shuifeng were -- because the cold working six days needle .
This kind of pay, also traded the field of love .Chen Shuifeng said ,Tiantian will say the first word was grandma ,they occasionally cry ,Tiantian will give themselves to wipe away the tears ,said :grandma ,don ,grow up ,I a lot of good .
1 pm ,Louboutin Pas Cher,a field after the meal, even yawned ,threw himself into the arms of afternoon naps grandma .But coaxed Tiantian is asleep, Chen Shuifeng took up the leftover food, start your own lunch .
I now only hope that she could be better .Who can cure her ,Christian Louboutin USA,I am willing to give him free for 10 years .Touch up head ,Chen Shuifeng said in tears .Troubled family don ,can medical expenses of Chen Shuifeng ,moved many people .
In the field of hospitalization ,surnamed Tang woman paid her thousands of yuan of medical expenses ,but also bring home in the old clothes to field .And Tian Tian with ward Tan Zemin ,also many times to buy them to lunch .
These days ,she is in line with ,I think she .Tan Zemin says .But Chen Feng Shui ,the mother is not too understand .Chen Shuifeng and her husband have 3 children ,along with the death of her husband, sons and daughters have free-standing house ,after most of the time ,she lived alone .
Therefore ,just take care of Americans during that time ,her sons and daughters do not know ,my mother took a job . Then know ,feel is good ,the elderly have a partner, also will not be lonely .
Chen Shuifeng daughter, Miss Gao said ,Americans began after the illness ,we do hope the mother can put up away, than anything else ,but when she got older, should also pay attention to the body ,give yourself some money for retirement .
Miss Gao said ,his 3 siblingsfamily conditions is not good ,is unable to undertake such a long-term medical expenses .But ,mother to field for two consecutive years in the hospital have the Spring Festival ,it makes them some dissatisfaction .
Hear the children say ,Chen Shuifeng just sighed and said, she will stick to it . The greatest difficulty ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,that can not afford to pay medical expenses .Happy father finally appeared to field a few days ago ,Tiantian father Tian Yaping in the hospital ,finally showing up, and paid 3000 yuan of medical expenses.
Tian Yaping says ,he has a son of 8 years old ,the field was entrusted to Chen Shuifeng ,I went to guangdong .Two years later ,he returned to Yongzhou to find a job ,occasionally went to Chen Shuifeng have a look .
In March, he learned that his daughter ,but because the salary is too low and incapable of action . I really have no idea .Tian Yaping said in a low voice ,his parents died early, no other relatives can help .
Tian Yaping said ,at present, he and his wife have reconciliation ,she wants to her daughter ,but her motion sickness, so didn come together .For Chen Shuifeng, Tian Yaping is grateful .
Find a way to pay off her money .He said ,the future he will take Chen Shuifeng as one of the family ,as a mother to take care of .Welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended
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Foreign tourists West Lake continued wins reward do boldly what

Zhejiang online Hangzhou November 2nd news (reporter Chen Fu Xu Jia correspondent Jiang Qian) reporters today from Hangzhou city was informed that do boldly what is righteous foundation, the drowning woman decided to give her West Lake friends do boldly what is righteous Maria awarded the prize,Christian Louboutin Outlet, send bonus 3000 yuan.
Maria full name Maria Fernanda Gomes Lai Ji (MARIA FERNANDA GOMEZ ARREGUI),Christian Louboutin Outlet, is the Eastern Republic of Uruguay citizens, now living in Shanghai.In October 13th, about four forty in the afternoon, Maria and friends to hang, in West Lake new world and Dahua hotel between West Lake waters near play,Louboutin Pas Cher, found a woman caught in the lake.
Maria stripped off his coat and jumped into the lake, it quickly pulled ashore.The rescue time,christian louboutin uk, falling just choke water, no life danger.See the rescued woman state is good, Maria and friends quietly leave the scene.
Save foreign tourists act moved the entire city, people have to find out the unknown "woman".The matter, also caused Hangzhou city to do boldly what is righteous foundation of great concern, finally through the media and the concerted efforts of relevant departments, confirmed Maria's true identity and has been away from Hangzhou for information.
"Ms. Maria in Hangzhou, West Lake saved a drowning woman reflects the international friend of truth and love, is also consistent with the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation do boldly what is righteous.
"Hangzhou city do boldly what is righteous foundation secretary-general Jiang Jiansheng said.The public security organs of the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou city West Lake Scenic Zone Branch to recommend one investigation, confirmed that Maria saved a drowning woman belongs to do boldly what is righteous deeds, and to the city of Hangzhou declaration do boldly what is righteous do boldly what is righteous foundation award.
Hangzhou city do boldly what is righteous foundation decided to study,Louboutin Outlet, first to the foreign friends of Ms. Maria prize awarded do boldly what is righteous, and reference to the foundation of Chinese citizens do boldly what is righteous behavior similar bonuses to do boldly what is righteous behavior standard, Maria prize.
Hangzhou city do boldly what is righteous Foundation commissioned the city hall for Foreign Affairs Office will do boldly what is righteous honor certificate and prize to Maria himself.Secretary General Jiang Jiansheng said, according to the "Zhejiang province do boldly what is righteous staff incentive and guarantee regulations" provisions in the relevant units or individuals may refer to: public security departments recommend personnel do boldly what is righteous behavior.
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Visitors to Turkey purchase stone was accused of s

In March 18th,Christian Louboutin USA, Mr. Du home arrived among Turkey,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,afterwards spent 20 euros to buy a chip of stone departed Turkey surrounded March 22nd among Antalya, the regional police said stone cultural relics, a detained a March 23rd trial were acquitted,christian louboutin shoes,but was rejected,later increasing restrictions in March 27th later the Chinese Embassy apt assist, restrictions elevated heaved within March 28th Mr.
Du a leave Turkey returned apt China Morning Post journalist Chu Jingwei Shanghai tourists Du spent 20 euros surrounded Turkey apt purchase a piece of stone,arranged apt return kin for mementoes,Louboutin Pas Cher,Louboutin Pas Cher,merely Turkey police informed of smuggling cultural relics, and limits the departure.
The journalist learned yesterday,christian louboutin uk,afterward some effort, Mr. Du and his wife, mother-in-law of a three folk yesterday afternoon came behind to Shanghai,christian louboutin shoes,after they had been surrounded Turkey, Antalya "trapped"amid a entire week.
Mr. Du said,longing have the case entrusted Turkey regional lawyers, the after hearing cases until April 10th.It namely understood, Mr. Du line within March 18th from the Belgian capital Brussels apt fly apt Turkey Istanbul.
Subsequently, one home came to southern Turkey city tour surrounded Antalya.Meanwhile, Mr. Du amid sites outdoor the stalls to cost 20 euros apt buy a lunch carton the size of the rectangular stone,ready apt behind into the nation.
In micro-blog,Louboutin Outlet, Mr. Du narrated himself apt buy stones "looks favor an ordinary marble both sides were worn to grow square".In March 22nd, Mr. Du one family namely preparing to leave Antalya, the aerodrome was told to carry stone cultural relics.
Due apt his and his family can never cater invoices,by Turkey police accused of smuggling cultural relics, and able a image fingerprints, physical examination and a array of procedures.Subsequently, Mr.
Du line three amid the local police spent the night, his wife Ms. Shen is the isolation held.The quite next day Mr. Du line onward the regional tribunal sentenced free,merely prosecutors dismissed Shen afterwards being held along foreigners.
The Chinese Embassy in Turkey to assist, his wife has been released,yet a month can never exit,christian louboutin uk, even Antalya cannot leave take afresh the tribunal decree.A few days behind Mr. Du and family have been in the local tribunal and police approximately waiting because the second trial law and strive because the prosecutor to cancel his wife restrictions.
The afternoon of the 27 day after the attorney and his one home because Antalya prosecutors withdrew to the Ms Shen's restrictions, a pedestrian can acquire arrested for passport and was permitted to exit.Yesterday afternoon, one family apt fly from Turkey apt Shanghai.
"We ambition have the subsequently judicial discretionary apt lawyers, how the final decision we can acquaint nothing of it."Mr. Du said, the entire incident, they likewise obtained the Chinese Embassy amid Turkey and the Turkey tourism administration to aid.
He likewise hoped is in the case of winning the case.It is reported, Mr. Du line namely suspected of smuggling of cultural relics case aspiration be among Antalya on April 10th apt sit again.Shanghai City Tourism Bureau yesterday issued travel tips,wish outbound tourists understand,worship local decrees and customs,apt avert the chance of similar things.
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Residents of the home are Python community jointly

The Tongzhou Simma Village will be sent to the wild animal rescue center newspaper news (News & Observer Aerospace journalist Zhang Ziyuan) toilet will appear in Python?At seven thirty this morning Xu, Tongzhou Yongshun town Simma Village resident Mr.
Wei has encountered such terrible scene, but firefighters came after the python uniform, no wounding incident.The owner Mr. Wei says, he got up in the morning to go to the toilet, in the restroom corner found a black thing, began to see a snake.
The snake is the baby arm thick, who has a large area of white and yellow spots."When startled, thought in the dream."Mr. Wei with the restroom doors and windows, please call the police for help,Louboutin Pas Cher, the police "to catch a snake in the urn".
Xinhua Street fire squadron of firefighters rushed to the scene, the pythons played hide-and-seek,christian louboutin shoes, already disappear without a trace.Firefighters in Mr. Wei a careful search,christian louboutin uk,christian louboutin shoes, finally found the boa hiding in the bathroom heating crack.
In order to "see", a fireman mop by heating side,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, the other side with a stick to the gap in the firefighters continuously "teaser", can't help firefighters "harassment",christian louboutin uk, boa began to explore the head moves outward, soon a nearly two meters calico snake from the heating of spurt out.
Firefighters to wear special protective gloves, while the snake body flashed during, eye to catch the snake's tail is clearly not going to fight, python, desperately struggling, firefighters down to seize it not let go, and to fit it into the knitting bag.
According to the district residents,Louboutin Outlet, this Python out scary more than once.A few days ago, someone in the former 28 building was found to have Python trace, from the pattern and the length and the snake similar, was once alarm, but the police arrived and it has decamp.
The residents of this boa, should be a pet snake, from home after the escape, fled to the community.Firefighters will Python back to the squadron, and contacted the Beijing wild animal rescue center,christian louboutin pas cher, ready to Python "over" to the rescue center.
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Primary school teachers hold only 12 years after t

In new network Hechi on March 31 report (Tang Xueyun Huang Wenliu) due to rampant "despot" Europe country a bully,christian louboutin uk, Guangxi Hechi Mulao County primary school teacher Huang Moumao 12 years ago with a knife stabbed to death the, then fled to Guangdong to hide.
City Court of first instance in order to commit the crime of intentional injury,christian louboutin shoes, sentenced Huang Moumao to eleven years imprisonment for zero five months.County Court 31 days, Huang Moumao was originally a county primary school teacher Long Anzhen,christian louboutin uk,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, in January 16,Louboutin Pas Cher, 2001, he was "despot" Europe after a bully fight,christian louboutin shoes, both sides have hurt.
The very next day, Europe a threat to Huang Moumao to pay 400 yuan desk fee (local contradictions of a way of apology).To avoid trouble,Louboutin Outlet, Huang Moumao handed the money to the European one, but at the same time, by Huang Moumao's brother Huang Mouwen will mediate the snatch, the two sides then fight.
In panic, Huang Moumao from the table picks up a homemade knife towards Europe a chest stabbed, Huang Mouwen also used to kill a cut to Europe, Europe an injured after ran out of the room, the two brothers holding sword, Ou Mou runs into a dormitory door escape.
The two brothers to see the door not escape,Christian Louboutin Outlet, and then left the scene.After the incident the very next day, Ou Mou was found in the door after death, Huang brother proposed fled to Guangdong Province and other places to hide, 2011 by the police arrested.
According to the investigators, Ou Mou no legitimate occupation, was quite critical, country has long run.In March 30th, the city court after hearing that, Huang Moumao, Huang Mouwen acts constitute a crime of intentional injury, then according to the above judgment.
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